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Life Celebration

Introduction to fundamental rule of universe:

We all wish to live happily. Everything that we do whether we eat, attend parties, reject or accept proposals, etc is for our own happiness. But do we really feel happy?

We all want permanent happiness, but can we get it?

Our search for happiness will never end as we are playing the game of life without knowing its rules. Rules of life are governed by the rule of the universe. If we align ourselves with the supreme rule of the universe then we can definitely become happy. In this first session you will be introduced to these rules and how it can enhance our life.


Power of Positive thinking- Mind Power:

It is an acknowledged fact that mind is the sole cause of whatever happens in our life. If mind controls a person his life becomes miserable instead if a person can control his mind his life can become wonderful.

In this session you will learn about the power of mind, positive thoughts, how the mind works and how one can control his mind. One will also learn how to set visions and achieve them by using the power of mind.

Spiritual Power:

Life is full of ups and downs. What happens to your life is not important; the important thing is how you react to whatever is happening in your life.

How should one react in adverse or favourable situations? , Why certain things keep happening again and again? , Why after working hard sometimes we donít get the desired results or we remain unsatisfied? Everyone has these questions in their mind.

You will get answers to such questions in this third session. One will understand the reasons behind good or bad things occurring in their life and also how to eradicate the root causes of problems. Here you will be introduced to the power of acceptance and how it works in life.
Practical implementation in daily life:

To achieve something one has to work towards it only then can they get results. A businessman has to apply the knowledge he gained in college to make business successful, in the same way here every session has its own benefits and everyone can experience these benefits but only if they would apply whatever learned here in their daily life.

In this fourth and the last session we would tell you how you can imply all of these in your daily life. Once you are successful in doing that you will surely lead a happy and an exceptionally wonderful life.
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